Strive to Overcome Depression

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A Better Therapeutic Approach

Battling metal illness? If you’ve tried everything from psychotherapy to medication but nothing has worked, there’s hope. Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) treats the symptoms of depression, with results ranging from improved mood all the way to complete remission.  TMS has the potential to treat other conditions as well.


TMS is a localized, non-surgical therapeutic option with fewer side effects than antidepressant medications.


Each TMS session lasts 15-40 minutes. Afterward, you can drive, read, work and go about your day as you normally would. TMS doesn’t inhibit motor or cognitive functions.


Strive TMS Center provides reasonable rates, payment program options, and is covered by some insurances.

No More Living In The Shadow Of Mental Illness

Get back to feeling like yourself again. You are more than your struggle with mental illness. At the Strive TMS Center of Greater Cleveland, we treat depression and a wide range of mental health and neurological conditions, to help you manage the symptoms of your mental illness and get back to living your best life.


“I found Dr. Turell locally through a reference, and now that I live in another city, I still return to see Dr. Turell for his insight, care, and patience. His diverse background and holistic approach differs from other psychiatrists who spend little time and jump right to the meds. The new facility on Lee Road is beautiful and mellow feeling more like a yoga studio than a psychiatry office. Thank you, Dr. Turell, for being so good at what you do and for helping me so much!”

-Steve Mobile, Google Review


Residential TMS Program

If you are coming from further away and need a place to stay, we can accommodate that.

Dr. Jeffrey Turell

Here to Serve the Greater Cleveland Area

Dr. Jeffrey Turell and his team of medical practitioners at Strive TMS Center treat patients from all walks of life looking for a better way to manage the symptoms of mental illness. Many Strive patients have tried to address their problems with medication and talk therapy that failed to provide the relief needed to return to life as usual.

We help people who want to explore non-invasive, non-medication methods for improving mental health. Our affordable rates and ongoing payment programs make TMS services accessible to all patients seeking to alleviate symptoms of depression and other medical conditions.



We want to make TMS therapy accessible to any patient who needs it. We accept various payment methods and offer self-pay discounts and payment programs to ensure our TMS sessions remain an affordable option for patients.


At Strive, our TMS process is easy, quick, and simple with minimal or no side effects. We want you to feel happy and motivated to come into every session and of course, after the visit is over. There are just a few steps every visit:


1. Take a seat in a comfortable chair in a private room. 

2. The clinician measures the motor hotspot and motor threshold to make sure we’re using the perfect level of electromagnetic energy, in the right location.

3. The TMS coil is placed over the right spot and after 15-40 minutes in our comfy chair, the session is over. Active treatment time is as brief as 3 minutes per session. 

4. Treatment is repeated daily Monday-Friday over a span of 6 weeks


Our clinicians provide ongoing support throughout each session and are here for you before and after. 

*Coming from further away? Consider the Strive Residential Program.

Start living your best life today!