Affordable Treatments

There are substantial costs to treating various mental health and neurological diseases, especially for patients who pursue surgical options. With TMS therapy at Strive TMS Center, we offer affordable treatment options for patients experiencing major depressive disorder and other mental wellness disorders. Learn about all the conditions we treat here.

*Insurance only covers MDD. Others will require self-pay, for which we offer discounts.

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Less Than Twenty Dollars A Day

For less than $20/day you can treat your depression with TMS and start on the path to living your best life. Throughout life, we spend money on things we can do without. Don’t let the cost of TMS prohibit you from seeking treatment when it has the potential to transform your life. 

We start with a free consultation, to determine if TMS is right for you. If we proceed with the treatment, the cost is $400 for the initial mapping session and for a motor threshold re-determination session. The remaining 28 sessions cost $300 per treatment. The total cost for TMS through Strive is $9,200.

Our rates are more affordable than the market average. Standard pricing of TMS through self-pay is $400 per session. Over 30 sessions that could end up costing $12,300. With Strive TMS Center you only pay $9,200 over 30 sessions, saving you $3,100 compared to standard treatment rates. For less than $20/day, you can overcome your depression and start living your best life again. Read on to learn more about out self-pay grants and other discounts.

*Standard pricing for TMS has been determined in accordance with the FHC.

Multiple Ways to Pay

Strive TMS Center wants to make TMS therapy accessible to everyone. That’s why we accept multiple payment methods including:

*Insurance only covers MDD. Others will require self-pay, for which we offer discounts.

Self Pay Options & Access Grant

Along with accepting multiple payment methods, we also offer discounts for services to lower the cost of your TMS therapy sessions.

Financing and Payment Options Available

#1 Finance through Advance Care at 0% for 4 months.

#2 Equal automatic payments over a 12-month period directly to Strive through debit card credit card or automatic debit from your checking account.

#3 Up to $2,000 may be reimbursed through a flexible spending account if you have one, leaving $7,200. If you are unable to afford the cost of treatment, there are resources.

#4 Our Self-pay Access Grant makes TMS more affordable for you. Get in touch with us today to see the discounts available to you if using self-pay.

self pay discounts for tms
plans made just for you

Get A Personalized Quote

Our services are specially priced based on a number of factors. We’ll work with you to determine the best way to cover the cost of TMS sessions at our clinic. To get your personal quote and see what discount you are eligible for, give us a call today or schedule a free consult to get started on your path to living your best life.

Start living your best life today!