What We Treat

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At Strive, we treat a wide range of conditions through our TMS service. Whether you’re struggling to feel your best or having a hard time managing depression, we may be able to help you. Here’s what we treat here at Strive TMS:

Major Depressive Disorder

Depression impacts every aspect of your life. From summoning the energy to get out of bed to encouraging yourself to eat meals regularly, depression gets in the way of life. Medication, along with counseling, is always tried first, but is often ineffective or the cause of undesirable and/or intolerable side effects. ECT, for example, is a recognized treatment for severe depression, but requires anesthesia, a loss of work on treatment days, and has the potential for short term memory loss.
TMS therapy may help improve mood, function, and enjoyment of life, without the side effects of medications or other treatments.
We Also Treat....
Alzheimer’s Disease

Don’t let Alzheimer’s snatch your golden years away from you. Instead, consider treatment to protect your brain’s memory and processing capabilities. TMS therapy may offset, slow, or delay symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease.

Stroke Rehabilitation

A patient may suffer from a number of conditions after experiencing a stroke. In conjunction with other rehabilitative therapies, TMS may help you bounce back from a stroke through improved cognition and motor function.


You never know when a migraine will occur. Thankfully with TMS therapy, you can decrease the instances of migraines instead of pushing through them when they happen at inopportune moments. 

A Proven Solution

Strive TMS provides treatment options to patients who suffer from depression and other mental health and neurological conditions, but have been unable to find a method to treat the condition. If you find day-to-day tasks in your life to be simply unmanageable, you may find relief with TMS therapy.

Just 20 Minutes

That’s all it takes per session to get what you may need to have clarity and focus again. A typical visit lasts 20 minutes on average. Individual treatments may run shorter or longer. In fact, active treatment time per session, is completed in only 3 minutes.  It’s time to regain control and start moving forward on your own terms, with nothing to hold you back or keep your down. TMS is a proven solution that helps patients with depression get back on their feet.



TMS is a non-invasive treatment option that directly stimulates specific areas of the brain with magnetic energy. During a TMS session, the treatment triggers change in your brain’s circuitry to address the patient’s condition.

The actual treatment session lasts only 40 minutes, after which you can go about your day, from driving to working. The amount of TMS sessions required varies from patient to patient. Effects continue to take shape after the session ends.

TMS provides patients with relief from a wide range of conditions and diseases without medication or surgery. This means patients don’t have to experience the adverse side effects of drugs or long post-surgery recovery periods.

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